Who is Dunya

With Spanish and Portuguese roots, I was born in Brazil. In this country music and dance are as important as breathing. Thanks to the diversity of the immigrants that came from all the continents, the Brazilian dance evolved and its unique Samba rhythms are universally known.

In the stimulating environment of Rio de Janeiro I have first studied classical ballet, and then Samba. In Order to get a better feeling of my body, I have also taken Yoga courses.

After getting married I have lived, together with my Swiss husband, in New Zealand, Indonesia and in the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai I fell in love with the oriental dance, commonly known as Bellydance (Rags Sharqi in Arabic), a form of movement, which expressed, at the same time, joy of life and passion. This almost magic dance awoke strong feeling of femininity in me, which until then I was completely unaware of. While dancing I manage to become one with the music and completely empty my mind.

My passion for oriental dance and culture encouraged me to travel to Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and so I could study different dance styles. Gradually, I have developed my own style.

Now settled in Switzerland, I perform in bellydance shows in Lucerne and everywhere in Switzerland and abroad; give bellydance classes in my own bellydance school in Kastanienbaum (Lucerne) and practice daily to improve my technique and style.